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I am running for RNC Committeeman for Virginia -


And Here Is Why: 

I would like to officially announce my candidacy for Republican National Committeeman. In doing so, I have spent many hours thinking about where I may best be able to serve, and I do believe this position will allow me to exercise my skill set in a very positive way for Virginia.


My top priority is creating a Republican majority in the 2025 Virginia Statewide and General Assembly Races. The path of Virginia is continuing to trend to the left and I am extremely concerned about the 2025 elections. Last year we saw the DNC, at the direction of President Biden, pump $2.5 million into General Assembly races. When Chairman Anderson went to the RNC for help – he was rejected – despite the RNC reporting having almost $9 million in the bank at the end of October.


When I served in the House of Delegates – one thing I learned about politics is that good relationships with members get bills through and many good bills die because one member in power has a personality conflict with a bill patron. In my first year in the House, I got a good number of bills through the House only to see Senator Lucas orchestrate and kill all of them in the Senate. (You may remember she unsuccessfully sued me for $20 million in 2020). However, in my second year I had several bills pass as my relationship with adversarial colleagues improved. This took time and effort to work with people who you disagree with. I was able to 180 my relationship in the General Assembly in 1 year and went from ineffective in passing legislation to getting bills signed into law.


Why did Virginia not get support from the RNC this last election? Why do national democrats care about Virginia and national republicans are ignoring us? Does the RNC think Virginia is a blue state and not worth fighting for? Is there a disconnect between our current committee members and the leadership of the RNC because the Virginia delegation did not support the current RNC chair? What it feels like to me is there are personality conflicts between the RNC and our current delegation that is preventing Virginia from the national attention it deserves. It is either that or there is not enough effective advocacy of why Virginia is worth fighting for. That must change – immediately.


The RNC as a national party is objectively a mess. They are facing record low fundraising and there has been mismanagement across the board. I hope to be part of fixing the RNC and bring it to a level of strength. However, my top priority is repairing the relationship Virginia has with the RNC so that Virginia can receive national help and proper attention in 2025. If Democrats take over in Virginia with a Governor and have full control of the General Assembly – we will see right to work eliminated, a severe restriction of our Second Amendment rights, increased taxes, and voluntary abortion at any time during a pregnancy, including birth. I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch this happen.


One thing is for certain – if we send the same people back to the RNC – the relationship will be the same and we will not get national support. Republicans have become great at blaming why they lost. I want to win; I only want to win; and I am not interested in anything other than winning.


We will need all the help we can get in 2025 and this may be our last chance to save the Commonwealth. We need change and I am willing to fight to bring that and work tirelessly to bring the proper national focus to the importance of the 2025 elections.


Finally, as for 2024, I will absolutely and unequivocally support the Republican Nomination for President of the United States and will work to elect that candidate this November.


I will need your help – Time, Treasure and Talent. I hope you are willing to be a part of this fight with me. The party election is in June and is in Hampton. I will need you to sign up to be a Delegate for the Republican Convention and will provide more details on this process in the upcoming weeks.

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-Tim Anderson

"We need leaders with spines of steel to stand for common decency and values that are under coordinated attack daily by the far left."



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